Sauna Slimming Belt

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Sold By: Nunua Hub


Sauna Belt is a belt that straps around the midsection to help increase sweat and reduce fat. The purpose is to lock in heat and increase perspiration. This in turn flushes toxins out of the skin, pulls retained water weight from the tissue and is intended to promote weight-loss as well. It can even be used on sore muscles to help relieve pain.


The Proper Way to Use the Sauna Belt
Place the sauna belt around your waist, hips or stomach and adjust it until you feel comfortable.
Set the temperature of your sauna belt to maximum or near maximum and use 5 minutes to get used to it. You will find that the sauna belt heats up quickly and you may feel a little uncomfortable, remember to adjust the temperature after 5 minutes.
Now check your body, if you are producing sweat, then it is working properly. If you are not, you have reduced the temperature too much. If you notice your skin turning red or feeling too hot, take off your sauna belt immediately.
If you have sensitive skin, then you can wear a T-shirt under your sauna belt because it may cause skin irritation or in some cases even burns.
When wearing a sauna belt, if possible, try to walk around rather than sitting to burn more calories.
After using the sauna belt, you will find yourself soaked in sweat, so you should dry yourself with a towel first and wait at least 15 minutes before showering, bathing or eating something cold.
Do not tie the sauna belt too tight and always remember to turn off the temperature regulator after each use.
Do not wear your sauna belt for more than 50 minutes at a time.

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