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Nunua Hub Billing Policies

Billing Policy

1. You can use the different premium packages, Boost plans and Top Ads promo packages provided by the administrators to promote your business. The boost plan enables your ads and products to be placed over ordinary announcements and overall free offers. To order for premium services visit; http// services.

2. Once the preferred premium package has been selected, a payment method that's suitable for you will follow and the perks that come with the specific premium. All the data entered will be secured therefore the admin only gets the payment information.

3. The fees paid for the selected premium is non-refundable due to the nature of online services

4.The administrator in its sole discretion reserves the right to change the premium services, fees and any payment methods from time to time.

5.The premium services are not subscription based and therefore their validity can be renewed manually when needed.

6.The admin does not guarantee any results therefore they should not be held accountable or liable for any unmet expectations.

7. The payment for the premium services are strictly system generated and therefore should come from Nunuahub.